Alyssa Cardwell

AlyssaIn 2007, Alyssa made her way from Mansfield to Athens to attend Ohio University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Recreation and Education. She says she was inspired by the community of Athens and the beautiful environment and chose to make Athens her home. She says she was also inspired by the rich and colorful environment of Passion Works and wanted to make it her home as well; we obliged and she works six days a week! It’s been great having Alyssa on board.

The Passion Works team is made up of artists; visual or performing or both, Alyssa is no exception. During her spare time she sketches in charcoal, paints in watercolors or sculpts clay. As an artist and arts advocate she supports local theatre, dance, music and film. It is obvious that Alyssa lives life to the fullest; she is starting her second season as a Blocker for the Appalachian Hell Betties Roller Derby team. So we were thinking, “customer service on skates, no one waits” and if there’s any obstacles, get out of the way! Welcome Alyssa, Production Artist and customer service at its best!

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