The Featured Fan for the Month of June is Bruce Dalzell

Bruce Dalzell, accomplished singer-songwriter and Athens native, has experienced the endless possibilities created through collaborative art firsthand.

Producing both of the Passion Works musical albums, My Little Pancake Button and Get Up and Fly, Bruce helped Passion Works Artists embrace the art of putting words to music. Passion Works Artist and Hocking College students have been writing poetry together since 2000. But a partnership among local Athens musicians, Hocking College students and Passion Works Artists, and Bruce allowed the studio to embrace its inner songwriter.

“It was quite rewarding,” Bruce said. “Collaboration is what Passion Works is all about.”

And the result of that collaboration was two very original albums, which were as rich and colorful as the Passion Flower itself.

In addition to Bruce’s efforts to help pilot Passion Works musical ambitions, he greatly admires much of the fine art sold in the studio. His favorite artist is Harry Grimm. Harry painted an original portrait of Bruce, which currently hangs in his home.

“Passion Works would work anywhere,” Bruce said. “Most of what is perceived about Athens is centered around the University. And it is nice to have something that Athens is known for that is independent of that.”

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