Ohio Brew Week Posters Benefit Passion Works

Nationally renowned artist Kevin Morgan, Ohio Brew Week (OBW) and Abrio’s teamed up with the Athens community to benefit Passion Works Studio!

Kevin Morgan is an artist extraordinaire… he is the designer of the 2010-2012 OBW posters, it is his artwork that adorns the Go Bus. He has designed album covers and posters for such sensations as Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch, Hot Tuna and Ekoostik Hookah. He has created well known local logos such as those for Snowville Creamery and Kleinpenny Rentals. He even designed iconic posters for the President of the United States!

On June 27th a framed and signed Kevin Morgan Ohio Brew Week posters and three unframed signed and numbered posters were auctioned off at a dinner and beer sampling event at Abrio’s. Those in attendance were having a blast and the auction prices kept climbing. When all was said and done the artwork sold for $520 and the proceeds were donated to Passion Works. Special thanks to artist Kevin Morgan, Ohio Brew Week, Abrio’s Owner Joe Limoli, Greg Hardman owner of  Christian Moerlein Brewing Company of Cincinnati, and Athens City Councilman Steve Patterson. Thank you Athens for your continued support!

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