Our Featured Artist for the Month of June is Deb Taylor!

Featured Passion Works Artist for the month of June is Deb Taylor. We send up a rousing cheer for Deb and her unwavering team spirit. Deb says she is the #1 fan of The Ohio University Bobcats and loves to spot Rufus, the mascot at games and events. Rufus keeps an eye out for Deb as well. They are longtime friends! Deb is also a fabulous team player in our collaborative art studio. She enjoys bringing sports teams and themes into her artwork. Deb Taylor’s upbeat attitude and enthusiasm bring such great energy to the Passion Works Studio and art. We are proud to have Deb as a member of our Passion Works Team! Go Deb! We’re YOUR #1 fans!

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Graduations are the Featured Passion Works Events for June

The Passion Flower is the Official Flower of Athens, Ohio. Don’t leave town without your Passion Flower. We stock small, medium, large, JUMBOs and Giant JUMBOs. There is a size to fit every taste and need. Nothing says Joyful Celebration like the rich, vibrant Passion Flowers hand decorated by our artist.

And don’t forget to stop in for bright and beautiful paper flowers to decorate that stodgy, black mortarboard! You have arrived! Show your individuality and enthusiasm with fun, Paper Flowers from Passion Works decorating your cap and gown!

New Feature on Our Passion Works Website

The Passion Works website is always changing. One visit can never cover all the new stories and information that Todd Jacops, our graphic designer, is adding on a daily basis. Along with new products this month, you can also meet the Passion Works Artists-in-residence and Art Production Assistants. These are the studio choreographers; the people who assist our artists with disabilities, by spotting their strengths, encouraging collaboration and helping to finish art and art products.

The Featured Fan for the Month of June is Bruce Dalzell

Bruce Dalzell, accomplished singer-songwriter and Athens native, has experienced the endless possibilities created through collaborative art firsthand.

Producing both of the Passion Works musical albums, My Little Pancake Button and Get Up and Fly, Bruce helped Passion Works Artists embrace the art of putting words to music. Passion Works Artist and Hocking College students have been writing poetry together since 2000. But a partnership among local Athens musicians, Hocking College students and Passion Works Artists, and Bruce allowed the studio to embrace its inner songwriter.

“It was quite rewarding,” Bruce said. “Collaboration is what Passion Works is all about.”

And the result of that collaboration was two very original albums, which were as rich and colorful as the Passion Flower itself.

In addition to Bruce’s efforts to help pilot Passion Works musical ambitions, he greatly admires much of the fine art sold in the studio. His favorite artist is Harry Grimm. Harry painted an original portrait of Bruce, which currently hangs in his home.

“Passion Works would work anywhere,” Bruce said. “Most of what is perceived about Athens is centered around the University. And it is nice to have something that Athens is known for that is independent of that.”

Thanks to Athens City Schools for Your Involvement and Contributions!

Students from the Athens Middle School included Passion Works Studio in their Community Scavenger Hunt. In the hurry to amass information and return victorious, students had to write down the year Passion Works was established (1998), the studio mission statement (To inspire and liberate the human spirit through the arts) and the fact that The Passion Flower is the Official Flower of Athens! There was a flurry of enthusiastic activity. Thanks to Janalee Stock, Athens City Schools nurse and wellness coordinator for including Passion Works in this worthwhile, well attended event!

But that’s not ALL! Students from Ellen Gagliano’s art classes at Athens High School Came to the studio and made the most fabulous chalk drawings following the work of Passion Work Artists. SO much FUN! And Thank you too Ms. Chloe Leonard- good job!! The students also presented the studio with a gorgeous ceramic piece! Many thanks sharing your talent and for your thoughtful gift to the studio!

Our Featured Staff Member for the Month of June is Laurie Gregg!
In my book, Laurie Gregg has the toughest job in the house. She’s the reality-check gal who does everything she can to insure accuracy in inventory, sales reports, daily register receipts and yearly balances. Laurie is the one who looks and time and materials that go into every product and piece of fine art to ensure fair payment for our artists with disabilities, good deals for our shoppers and the solvency of Passion Works Studio. Laurie understands the business details and is so patient when explain them to those of us who are far more “right-brained.” Thank you, Laurie, for your clarity, you tact, and your tireless attention to detail! Your contribution to the ongoing wellbeing of Passion Works is enormous and much appreciated.

The Featured Product for the Month of June is for the Birds!

The Featured Product for the Month of June is for the Birds! Have you seen them? They’re the envy of our feathered friends from Coast to Coast! If you haven’t, get a bird’s eye view of these new beauties! Constructed of solid cedar wood and hand decorated by our artists, our bird houses will weather the elements, beautify your yard or sit atop your mantle to bring a touch of the outdoors, inside all year long. Our artists love to decorate these quality bird houses. They’ll bring a smile to many a beak.


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Christine Chandler Miles
Contributing Writer
Todd Jacops - Graphic Design
Patty Mitchell - Photography

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