Featured Fan Robin Barnes

This months Featured Fan is Robin Barnes. A DJ at Power 105, Robin became a fan of Passion Works Studio through utter coincidence. A fan of her station, David, would call and request songs frequently. “He was just a caller who liked Nelly a lot,” Robin said. Little did she know that David was actually David Dewy, Passion Works Artist. Without knowing it, David was the creator of one of her favorite designs—The Howling Wolf—which she often admired on the shelves stocked with Passion Works greeting cards at Nelsonville’s Busy Bobbins.

Not only is Robin a fan of Passion Works, but her fascination with the studio has helped her build lasting friendships that enrich her life just as the beautiful artwork does. “I met some really cool people and good friends,” Robin said.

Robin’s favorite item at the moment is her one-of-a-kind purse that she purchased at the new store location. Artists transformed the formerly donated purses from the Ohio University Theater Department into small works of art that decorate the arm of any young woman perfectly.

“I totally understand why it’s called Passion Works,” Robin said. “Because once you discover it, you become passionate about it.”

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