Featured Fan Lynn Harter

Lynn Harter is Passion Works Featured Fan for the Month of February. A professor in the College of Communication Studies at Ohio University, Dr. Harter began her relationship with Passion Works as a supporter. She stumbled upon Passion Works while having dinner at Casa, where the studio’s art was being displayed, during her very first week living in Athens. While admiring the creative pieces, she was drawn to the studios mission—to inspire and liberate the human spirit through the arts. “What kind of organization has a mission to inspire and liberate?” Dr. Harter said. She wanted to learn more.

After volunteering, Harter was intrigued by the notion of how people in her discipline could teach with, as well as learn from the Passion Works philosophy. As a communication scholar, the way art functions to communicate a message is interesting, Dr. Harter said.

Harter moved from being an aficionado to an advocate. She wrote a grant to fund a process guide, which outlines the steps Passion Works takes to make their collaborative art-making process possible. The guide serves as a learning tool and example for sheltered workshops nationwide.

Along with her efforts in creating the process guide, A Guide to Collaborative Art, she has taken Passion Works into her classroom and home. Stories featured on the Passion Works Web site were written by many of Harter’s students. And the famous Harry Grim painting “White House, Red House” hangs in her living room.

“It started because when I leave there, I have a better vision of how to live fully,” Harter said.

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