Featured Staff: David Barba…Farwell to the King!

Thirty years is a long time to work any one job. After thirty years you sense that David Barba could go another thirty. For almost half of that time David has been a leader and inspiration for Passion Works.

Ethan C says that when David retires that he, Ethan, wants “to play basketball with him [David] all day, every day and take him to restaurants and take him to the movies” so don’t worry about what to do, David, Ethan has big plans for you, just bring your checkbook. Ethan also added “David Barba picks on me a lot.”

Marilyn T says of David: “I don’t want him to go. He’s going to be missed by everyone.” She also added that David gets on her for her smoking.

When asked about David retiring, Lee C says “I got him a gift, two of them, and he’s a good man, I like him so much-a lot, I love him, that’s it.”

Thank you David for your leadership and advocacy for Passion Works and those we serve. Our loss is the world’s gain.

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